OpenVPN In A Time Of Deep Packet Inspection

Posted on Thu 25 August 2016 in technology • Tagged with travel, openvpn, security

Adventures in running OpenVPN where it shouldn't be run

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Rust: The Development Environment

Posted on Fri 24 June 2016 in technology • Tagged with guides, rust, cargo, racer

Installing rust, cargo and some other creature comforts.

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Brexit Thoughts

Posted on Wed 22 June 2016 in travel • Tagged with Brexit

Britain will be much poorer if they leave the EU

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Android SDK, Best Served Insecure

Posted on Thu 25 February 2016 in Technology • Tagged with android, security, technology

If Google can't do software distribution right, who can?

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Disputing UK Air Passenger Duty Charges

Posted on Mon 15 February 2016 in travel • Tagged with awardtravel, churning

Travel taxes suck, but sometimes you can get around them

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Test Post, Please Ignore

Posted on Fri 08 January 2016 in Admin • Tagged with circlejerk

Oh yeah, we're back

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