Kamil Choudhury

#define ZERO -1 // oh no it's technology all the way down


My name is Kamil Choudhury, and yes, the name of this blog is an actual line of code I found in a legacy codebase.

I'm originally from Bangladesh, but I now split my time between Los Angeles and Doha (Qatar).

Since graduating from school, I've spent a decade dealing with technology stuff for a variety of banks. I now work at LevelCompute, where I spend my days applying market principles to the problem of allocating cloud computing resources.

When I'm off the clock, I think about large scale systems orchestration.

In case the github repos didn't give it away: I code primarily in Python and C++.

I've been told I have a pretty jaundiced view of modern technology fads and management practices. This blog is where I come to rant about them.

If you have a burning need to talk to me, I can be reached via:

The volume of email I receive means that I may not respond to your message immediately. Don't lose hope though! A response will come sooner or later.