Quick and Dirty Postgres Hacks

Posted on Tue 12 May 2020 in technology • Tagged with postgres

Postgres is great, I just need some help remembering things.

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The Butter Chicken Recipe

Posted on Sun 10 May 2020 in life

There's no reason chicken should be a healthy meal

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Book Talk - Pakistan: A Hard Country

Posted on Mon 06 January 2020 in life • Tagged with books, pakistan

My neighbor writes books, and they are quite good.

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Dumb Things To Do With Money

Posted on Sun 05 January 2020 in money • Tagged with money, investments, speculation

Money is nice, but what if you could have less of it?

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Culture Report, 2020 Edition

Posted on Fri 03 January 2020 in life • Tagged with books, reading, humblebragging

Book reports for all!

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The Reverse Proxy Test

Posted on Thu 21 November 2019 in technology • Tagged with nginx, reverse proxy

You need to have suffered to know why this article exists

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The Cuban Bean Recipe

Posted on Mon 19 August 2019 in life • Tagged with recipes, spam, beans

Striving for high quality, bean-based blogspam

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One-Line Timing in Python

Posted on Mon 19 August 2019 in technology • Tagged with python, context manager, timing

When profiling is too heavyweight, a simple timer will sometimes do.

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Caching Object Graphs Is Terrifying

Posted on Sun 07 July 2019 in technology • Tagged with caching, object graph, memcache

A memo to remind myself that I should never, ever attempt to write a caching system again.

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Containerize Everything: Food Edition

Posted on Sat 20 April 2019 in life • Tagged with meal delivery startups, waste of money, we're all going to die

Silicon Valley sponsored e-coli colon cleanses are closer than you think.

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