Caching Object Graphs Is Terrifying

Posted on Sun 07 July 2019 in technology • Tagged with caching, object graph, memcache

A memo to remind myself that I should never, ever attempt to write a caching system again.

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Containerize Everything: Food Edition

Posted on Sat 20 April 2019 in life • Tagged with meal delivery startups, waste of money, we're all going to die

Silicon Valley sponsored e-coli colon cleanses are closer than you think.

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Minimal devpi For Local Python Development

Posted on Wed 20 March 2019 in technology • Tagged with python, devpi

Someone finally came up with a non-irritating way to manage internal python projects

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Scripting FreeBSD Updates

Posted on Wed 06 March 2019 in technology • Tagged with freebsd, freebsd-update

In which I come back from holiday and rant about freebsd-update

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Paying Less For Hotels

Posted on Tue 26 February 2019 in travel • Tagged with hotels, discounts, cashback

A cheapskate's guide to paying less for hotel stays.

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Memcache For My Brain

Posted on Sun 09 December 2018 in life • Tagged with memory aids

Don't get old, kids

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Python Profiling for Babies

Posted on Fri 05 October 2018 in technology • Tagged with python, profiling

Performance is not an accident

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Recursive Blogging

Posted on Thu 04 October 2018 in technology • Tagged with pelican, blogging

Yeah, I'm going to blog about blogging

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Stupid Systems Monitoring Tricks

Posted on Wed 03 October 2018 in technology • Tagged with pids, fds, sockets

Stupid tricks to monitor resource usage

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A New Cycle

Posted on Sat 11 August 2018 in life

And we're off again

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