Kamil Choudhury

#define ZERO -1 // oh no it's technology all the way down

Recursive Blogging

This is my submission for that most irritating genre of technology writing, the blog post about setting up a blog.

It's more a note to future me on how specifically to get this blog running on a new machine than it is a general guide on how to run a Pelican-based website... but if it helps anyone else, well, you do you.


sudo pkg install gmake python3 python36 py36-pip

Clone the blog respository:

git clone https://www.github.com/kchoudhu/src/blog

Setup has gotten easier recently, so hit up the setup target. This will install the flex theme and ensure that all plugins are available to pelican:

gmake setup

Start the devserver, which will serve on port 8000:

gmake html
gmake devserver

Work on a new article:

gmake newblog ASUM=a-dash-separated-slug

This will create a new branch which will be used to create the new article:

git branch
* a-dash-separated-slug

If at any time you want to create a new article while working on the first, issue a new newblog command; this will commit any outstanding changes to the current article branch, force a switch to master and create a new blog branch.

Use rsync to publish everything once you've merged:

gmake rsync_upload ASUM=a-dash-separated-slug

If you want to simply push what's committed on master, leave out the ASUM parameter.

Congratulations, you have written stuff on the internet that no one is going to read. Shouldn't you be doing real work instead?